We are so excited that you are joining us for the Sugarloaf Charity Summit Charity Challenge! 

Every dollar counts and stays here in Maine to support the cancer community. We want to help you succeed so we've put together some resources to help you reach your goal!

How to Fundraise

Help! How do I fundraise? Don't panic!

Fundraising can seem intimidating if you don't know where to start, but it's easier than you think to hit your goal. Everyone has been impacted by cancer, and everyone will be moved by your commitment to do something about it. Remember that when you ask people to support you, you are asking them to support the fight against cancer in Maine. Here are some good tips for fundraisers, whether it’s your first event or your 50th:

1. Donate to yourself. 

Start off by making a small donation to yourself. Not only will it "get you off the starting line," it's a lot easier to ask friends and family for a donation when you can say, "Can you join me? I donated $20!"  

2. Make it all about them!

Remind them that we ALL know someone affected by cancer – each of us has a relative, a friend, a neighbor, or a co-worker who is battling the disease right now. Let them know where the dollars go: 100% of funds are invested in Maine, benefiting Maine Cancer Foundation, the Martha B. Webber Breast Care Center and the Dempsey Centers. Reinforce that every dollar donated helps – we can all make a difference. No donation is too small, and every dollar counts.

3. Personalize your fundraising page. 

Tell a story! Each person has a unique fundraising page on the event website that accepts credit card donations and handles all the processing. You can personalize your page and share it with anyone you like. Everybody loves a story. Spend a few minutes to add a custom photo and a paragraph about why you're participating and you'll see donations increase. Explain your reasons for participating: you might be raising money because of a friend who is dealing with cancer, or a relative who has survived the disease, or in memory of a loved one who lost the battle to cancer. Tell your donors how you're turning 40. Or 80! Or, you're a cancer survivor! Or a long time Sugarloafer dedicated to helping others. Anything goes. Don’t just tell them you joined the event- tell them why. And then, share your page with friends, family, co-workers, anyone who might want to contribute. And remember: Customized pages get 20% more donations on average than pages with the generic text. 

4. Aim High(er)

Set a personal fundraising goal. Then double it. That will be the number on your fundraising page. If your goal is too low, people stop giving. If your goal is high, they will help you meet it. Everyone loves the person who is trying to make a difference.

5. Email everyone in your address book, even those you don’t expect to give.

You'll be surprised at who responds. Also make sure to email your request more than once. Send emails out to everyone in your contact list and let them know your fundraising goal and give them a link to your fundraising page. A picture is worth a thousand words! Check back frequently and send follow up emails. Let people know how excited you are for the on-hill events during the weekend, so your follow up emails will be a welcome note while reminding people who forgot to give. Remember: Email generates the lion’s share of all donations. We recommend asking once and sending a reminder about a week later. You will be amazed at how many people will be excited to donate to your fundraising effort, not just close friends.

6. You probably have to ask more than once

Don't get discouraged! Everyone is busy and most people think, "Whoops! I meant to send a donation!" Two or three gentle reminders are just fine. Half of those who donate to you won’t do it on their first visit to your fundraising page. Don't feel bad! Everyone is busy and a reminder or two are usually appreciated. (But try to avoid spam - asking four or more times is unlikely to work.)

7. Get your 15 minutes of fame

Consider using your computer camera or smart phone to record a one-minute video of yourself. Upload your video to YouTube, to your Facebook page, or to your Instagram account. Explain what your goal is and how people can help. Link it back to your fundraising page and share it far and wide.

8. Facebook & Social Media

Not everyone uses Facebook, but if you do, it can really help. Do you tweet or Instagram, or use other social media? Make sure all your friends on social media know about your fundraising goal. You can add a link directly to your fundraising page. The more you spread the word, the more success you’ll have. Post updates to your own page and share the word with the Maine Cancer Foundation, The Dempsey Center, Martha B. Weber Breast Care Center and the Sugarloaf Charity Summit Facebook pages.

Note: Facebook is responsible for 90% of social donations. Most Facebook users are on in the evening, so that's the best time to post.   

9. Matching gifts

Many employers are willing to offer matching gifts for charitable events. Does your business have a matching gifts program? It never hurts to ask. Send your employer to the Sugarloaf Charity Summit website – who knows? They might even want to become a sponsor!

10. Do what you do best, and be creative!

We all have special skills. Tap into your best talents to support your fundraising. That could mean: throwing a benefit dinner or party, having a bake sale or a raffle; or hosting an event at your local watering hole or eatery.  Many local restaurants or retailers will work with participants to donate a portion of sales for a day or evening towards your fundraising. We can provide carry letters for this purpose. Bottle drives, talent shows, you name it! Think of something fun you enjoy doing and invite your friends and family to join you, and make your fundraising goal a team effort! Remember – you are not asking for money for yourself – you are fundraising to support the cancer community of Maine through Maine Cancer Foundation, the Martha B. Webber Breast Care Center and the Dempsey Centers.

Fundraising Incentive Prizes
  • Raise a minimum of $150 to participate in the Charity Challenge on January 29, 2021.  At this level, individuals will receive a Charity Challenge armband that will serve as admission to all Charity Challenge events, to include the infamous Cut-for-Cancer! In order for a team to be eligible, each member must raise the minimum $150. The armband will also serve as proof of eligibility for different discounts/promotions at numerous local businesses during the weekend of the Summit! 
  • Raise $500 and receive the above PLUS a one-day lift ticket (valid for the 2021/2022 season with no blackout dates) and three 2-year Season Pass raffle tickets.
  • Raise $1,000 and receive the above PLUS one-of-a-kind Charity Summit commemorative logo items.
  • Raise $1,500 and receive the above PLUS an exclusive Sugarloaf Sea Bag.
  • Raise $2,500 and receive the above PLUS private first tracks with ski patrol and a breakfast at Bullwinkle’s for January 29.  This offer is only valid for the first 20 individuals who reach this goal. Each recipient will also be able to bring a guest.
  • Top Individual Fundraiser - the top individual fundraiser as of noon on Sunday, January 30 will receive a $750 gift card to Downhill Supply Company.
  • Top Team Fundraiser - the top fundraising team as of noon on Sunday, January 30 will receive the exclusive opportunity of First Tracks with Ski Patrol for a group of up to (10) people at Sugarloaf, where you will head up on the lifts at 6:45am. This trip will be available any day with advanced notice and is valid through the spring of 2022.

*Please note: Participants must have a valid lift ticket or Season Pass in order to participate in on-hill events.

Why 1,000,000 feet?

We wanted to set a lofty goal for our community! Just like a cancer diagnosis presents a mountain to climb, we wanted to set a challenge that would require a full team to meet. We're confident that, with your help, we can get there--and raise a whole lot doing it!

How can I participate?

We'd love to have you participate in the 2022 Charity Challenge, whether through downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or even fat tire biking. Just get out on the snow and track your distance on January 29! Not going to be at Sugarloaf that weekend? That's ok! You can participate wherever you are and you'll feel the Sugarloaf community with you. Just be sure to raise $150 on your page so that your mileage counts!

How do I track my distance?

With participants joining us in a variety of ways, we've decided that the best way to track this year is whatever is most comfortable to you! At the end of the day just total up your total distance. Please submit your distance by 4:00PM on Saturday, January 29. Remember, you have to raise $150 for your distance to count!

Why raise funds?

Cancer has certainly not stopped in the midst of the global pandemic, and the cancer community in Maine needs our support more than ever! All of the funds in the Charity Challenge will go to benefit three incredible organizations who all work tirelessly on behalf of the cancer community of Maine. Please check them out below, and thank you for doing your part to support the cause!

Maine Cancer Foundation 

The Dempsey Center 

Martha B. Webber Breast Care Center 

Are there any other perks?

This year's perks to be announced soon!